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A Better Strategy

What if God gave you a mission to provide daily bread for one million people? Which would be your approach— build a huge bakery and work 24 hours a day trying to constantly increase your capacity or start a training community for young bakers and help them launch 1,000 bakeries?   In our mind multiplication is way better than addition.

090717-N-2013O-010The needs in the developing world are so huge! They are far beyond anyone’s capacity to service them. For the past 25 years we have operated on the core belief that the best thing we can do to reach the harvest of Asia is to help train and empower young gospel communicators so they can confidently obey God’s call on their lives.

We want to help 1,000 promising leaders launch their own spiritual bakeries and distribute the Living Bread to their nations.

Emerge is a nonprofit turned right side up. Instead of growing our name recognition and impact, we are focused on growing yours. We are a fresh, highly-responsive, Christian organization dedicated to helping you find your best role in God’s bold plan to save the world.  Whether it’s serving in a mountain tribe, online evangelism, mobilizing awareness and funds, making gospel movies or shining a light in the corporate world, your life will move from average to awesome once you find your perfect fit in God’s work. Sound interesting?  Join the Emerge network and find your calling in life!



What We Do

1. We help people find their fit. The Emerge Network helps people from around the world to find their shape, their story and their ministry calling. We know what it feels like to have a creative mind and a professional background that would enable us to do something creative in missions if we could only find a place to serve that would fit us.  Missions work needs someone to hold babies, plant gardens, counsel, write, teach English, rock at social media, administrate, build websites, give talks, fix stuff, make movies, engage youth through music and the arts, gather crowds and use a hammer!  Mission is the core action Christ assigned to his Church and it deserves our best gifts.

2. We collaborate.  God has spread His resources and talents around the world. We gather teams made up of  those with a gift mix that matches the task at hand.  We also look for partner organizations with a similar vision so we don’t duplicate effort.  We love to network!  As we all do our part, amazing things happen, especially when you don’t care who gets the credit.

3. We create. Our battle cry is “Creativity is Worship!” There is precious little media out there specifically made for those who have no Christian background whatsoever. Our media training and production arm, Medialight, has overseen the production of dozens of gospel videos like “Hide and Seek” and assists ministries with video production so they can get their story out.

4. We train. The number one request we get is for training in leadership, spirituality and media production. We respond to this demand through the Medialight Institute training program hosted in Northern Thailand, by the Medialight Online school and through Engage camps and workshops held around the world.

5. We fund & help innovative gospel startups. Because our operations center is based within the developing nations of Asia, we have a unique vantage point from which to spot areas of strategic importance in the sea of need all around us.  Actually, Emerge has no funds in itself.  When we see a situation that could be totally turned around with immediate short-term funding we simply put out the word.

That’s where the fun begins for those with the gift of business.  They are able to go to work with a big smile on their face, knowing that God will be with them as they search the marketplace for profit and then channel those gains into places where money can actually change a person’s life forever.

As a reputable 501 (c)3 not-for-profit corporation approved by the IRS for tax-deductible contribution, Emerge gives donors a safe place for their investments in mission. We’ve been at this for thirty years and have a proven track record of financial integrity.  100% of donations go directly to the project for which they are given.

Sound like a fit for you?  Let’s get acquainted and see where it goes!  Sign up for more information here.

Creativity is Worship!

Our Ministry Focus

Emerge Missions is a network of missions innovators in Asia.  We focus exclusively on young people and use creative methods to develop young leaders in three key areas:  spirituality, leadership and communication using modern media tools.

Creative Outreach to Children and Youth in Asia:  Ninety percent of those who welcome Christ into their lives do so by the age of 25.  Our strongest efforts are targeted specifically at engaging unreached Asian people while they are young and most open to positive change.  Sixty percent of the world’s unreached people live in Asia, but it receives less than 3% of missionary sending and spending. That’s why we focus our efforts here.

Media Training and Production: Media is the new world language. For any idea to gain traction globally it must be presented in various media forms to facilitate awareness and debate.  We operated two training programs: Medialight Asia an intensive, ten-week residential program for those who want to become media missionaries.  We also operate and online training program called Medialight Online, a pocket school designed to be experienced on a mobile phone wherever you are in the world. Level one is a series of ten video-based courses covering spirituality, leadership and the development of basic media skills.

The Emerge Network:   Emerge is a network for “mission creatives.”  Innovators need encouragement in order to develop their gifts.   There are thousands of young adults who are are serious about impacting others for Christ but they can’t find their place in traditional ministry because their ministry dream involves taking action outside the walls of the church in ways unfamiliar to the traditional church.   This might be in education, community development, social media, sports, fashion, music, and media production.  In the Emerge Network we find a fellowship that encourages us, brings us into a collaborative network, opens doors for training and helps us find places to serve that fit, and where we are needed most.


One Can Reach Thousands



Multimedia “Art Exhibition” Outreach on a University Campus

Looking for a fresh idea for an outreach to college-aged youth? Medialight 6.0 students presented an art exhibition on the campus of Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai, Thailand to give them a chance to connect with some of the 12,000 students there.  The theme of the exhibition was “Under the Mask.” This theme […]


How what happens in remote areas trickles down to the cities below

Emerge focuses exclusively on reaching children and young people  in the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar using creative methods and modern media tools because what happens in ministry in the mountains trickles down into the cities of Asia. Drug traffickers need a steady supply of manpower for the creation and distribution of their narcotics. Because we […]


Meet Our Board: Terry Ross

Terry Ross serves as the President of Emerge and, along with Susan, his wife, is a former missionary to the Philippines. Terry has visited over 45 countries in his 30 year career as a missions pastor in three large churches. Terry is a tireless advocate of the cause of missions and a man trusted by many […]






                                                         – ROMANS 1:16.


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