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Addition or Multiplication?

What if God gave you a mission to provide daily bread for one million people? Which would be your approach— build a huge bakery and work 24 hours a day trying to constantly increase your capacity or start a training community for young bakers and help them launch 1,000 bakeries?   In our mind multiplication is way better than addition.

090717-N-2013O-010The needs in the developing world are far beyond any one agency’s capacity to service them. For the past 25 years we have operated on the core belief that the best thing we can do to reach the harvest of Asia is to help train and empower young gospel communicators so they can confidently obey God’s call on their lives.

We want to help 1,000 promising leaders launch their own spiritual bakeries and distribute the Living Bread to their nations.  Come join us! We’ll work together to help reach Asia.

We are a fresh, highly-responsive, Christian organization dedicated to helping you find your best role in God’s bold plan to save the world.  Whether it’s serving in a mountain tribe, online evangelism, mobilizing awareness and funds, making gospel movies or shining a light in the corporate world, your life will move from average to awesome once you find your perfect fit in God’s work. Our Emerge Network (coming mid-2015) is dedicated to help you find your calling and get on with it.  Click here for updates on this exciting new launch!



What We're About

We make all our decisions according to these five mandates.

1. Turn the Nonprofit “Right Side Up”: We’re not here to promote Emerge Missions. In fact, you won’t find the Emerge name on any building anywhere. We’re more interested in helping you to do a better job at finding your unique place of service.  If you long to live a life that impacts others for Christ, we believe you’ll find us a ridiculously helpful friend.  We’re here to serve God’s emerging workforce.

2. Keep it Young: 90% of those who turn to Christ as Lord do so by age 25 so we focus exclusively on children and young people for all outreach.

3. Speak media: Young people spend 10 hours a day absorbing media messages.   Since 2008 we have invested a huge amount of energy in developing special expertise as gospel media producers and innovative trainers. We’ve trained media missionaries for 30 nations so far through the Medialight Institute  in Northern Thailand. (For more on media missions click here.)

4. Network without regard to who gets the credit.  Jesus taught us to do good works quietly. We love to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations regardless of denomination, so if you’d like to discuss ideas about how we can work together for the spreading of the good news and the training of God’s people just click here.  We’d love to hear from you.

5. Focus on Asia. Asia is in the heart of the 10/40 Window, that region that holds 98% of the world’s unreached peoples.  Some estimate that half of Asia still has no awareness of who Jesus is or what he has done for the world.  Alarmingly, this region continues to receive less than 5% of global church missions efforts so, although we love the whole world and help where we can, we keep most of our energies tightly focused here.

Sound like a fit for you?  Let’s get acquainted!  Sign up to hear more about how Emerge can help you fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

Creativity is Worship!

Where You'll Find Us

In many nations across Asia you’ll find Emerge volunteers helping to do the following…

One Can Reach Thousands



How Hatred Robs Us

Some stories are so important that we want to savor the details and catch the meaning of the story in our own lives.  This first one is about a Burmese student from the last Medialight.   It’s a cautionary tale and one most of us can relate to regardless of where we were raised. It centers […]

Multimedia Art Exhibition Outreach on a University Campus

Looking for a fresh idea for an outreach to college-aged youth? Medialight 6.0 students presented an art exhibition on the campus of Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai, Thailand to give them a chance to connect with some of the 12,000 students there.  The theme of the exhibition was “Under the Mask.” This theme […]





                                                         – ROMANS 1:16.


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